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Fire on the Festival Site

B.J. was kind enough to provide us with the following aerial view photo
of the festival site with the areas that were burned highlighted in red.
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new01.gif (3972 bytes) You can also view a Before and After set of pictures that BJ took and contributed by clicking here.

Paul Pleasants, a member of the MRF cast and creator of Pulanami Puppets, was able to go to the site of the fire and take some pictures. Those pictures and his commentary can be viewed by clicking here.

From the MRFfriends ListServe, Kat Hanson, owner of Kat in the Hat (a fine shoppe Selling Chapeaus & Accessories) wrote a beautiful letter telling what it was like to discover that the festival site had been damaged by fire. She has graciously allowed me to include her letter here.

The St Paul Pioneer Press had an article about the fire.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune had an article with pictures about the fire.

WCCO, Channel 4 has an article with pictures as well.

To view and download a printable flyer about the Phoenix Project's efforts to help the individual crafters who lost their booths, Click Here.

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