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Comparison Pictures from the
Fire at MRF, 2-26-99

This page contributed by BJ Palashewski

These pictures are a "before and after" record of the fire at the Renaissance Festival grounds. The before pictures (on the left) were taken during the 1997 fair in September. For the after pictures, I tried to duplicate the angles and locations of the original pictures as closely as I could. For the most part, I used the surviving rocks, stonework and structures to line up the pictures. These were taken in March of 1999, after the snow that followed the fire melted, with the help of Jo Ann Chase. My thanks to her for her help.

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As you enter the front gate and turn to your left, you walk through the Treetop Round and toward the stocks. This first picture is looking back toward the front gate. The fence in the background (that bit of blue under the tree) is the outer fence that separates the parking lot from the fair site. To the left (out of frame) is the stocks. The damage began at privies which were right next to, and probably the savior of, the building on the left.
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This picture was taken looking down the row of shops that lead into Cartwheel Cove. The fence in the foreground on the right is the fence that surrounds the children's realm and the tower.
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Moving down the hill into the Cartwheel Cove and turning around to face the entrance to the tower.
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