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2017 Buford Ave Ste 9010
St Paul MN 55108-6178
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Steering Committee Reference Page

Here is a copy of the Phoenix Project's Letterhead. The document is a read only Word 7.0 document so you can download a file that will always be correct. If you need a different version, please contact Robert. You will need to do a "Save As" in order to add text and save a document of your own.

In order for the document to work properly for you, you will need to install the following fonts into your computer:  Old English, Monotype Sorts, and Monotype Corsiva. Please do not use any other fonts as we are trying to maintain a unified look in all correspondence by the Phoenix Project. You can download a zip file with these fonts included by clicking here and here.

Questions you might have.

Q: When I load letterhead.doc, I get a message that says it is reserved. Why?
A: Just click on "read only" then "save as" the name you want your new doc to be.

Q: The logo doesn't look very good in the letterhead. Will it print like that?
A: It will look fine when it prints.

Q: I got an error when I tried to unzip the fonts. What's wrong?
A: Check to see of the fonts are already installed.

Q: How do I install fonts on my PC?
A: If you are using Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, click on the Fonts Control Panel icon. Click on the Add button. At this point you may need to give the computer the proper path to find the fonts from wherever you've stored them on your hard drive. Alternatively you may have to use the File menu in the Fonts Control Panel, which has Install Font as an option. In some cases you may need to also add the fonts specifically to the programs you are using. Consult the program manual for more information. In MS DOS where you install the fonts will depend on the program you are using. Consult the program's manual for more information.

Last updated on 05/07/99

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