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2017 Buford Ave Ste 9010
St Paul MN 55108-6178
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Informational Flyer

The informational flyer which is available on this page is in Adobe .pdf  format. To read the file, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your computer. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.

The reader is available from the Adobe Acrobat home page by clicking here:, and is available in several formats depending on your computer. By using the .pdf format, we are able to make what is a rather large file in it's original format a much smaller file that can be downloaded and saved quickly and easily.

The flyer itself is normally printed 2 sided on 60# Orchid paper and then cut into thirds. It may be printed on alternative paper stocks as well however. To view the flyer, Click Here.

Last updated on 03/24/99

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