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Comparison Pictures from the
Fire at MRF, 2-26-99
Set 3

This page contributed by BJ Palashewski

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Another angle of the glassblower's booth, with the missing row of shops in the background.
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This was one of my favorite hangouts in the Cartwheel Cove area, the wine booth next to Seville Sandwich. You'll have to take my word on the fact that the after picture is lined up. the only points of reference I had were the stonework post to the extreme left and the barely visible brick posts starting center and going right with the faint outline of the first window.
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Continuing through the cove, this looks back across the food court. The building to the right is the chainmail booth, which was the other end of the damaged area. Directly behind this view, and quite a way back, is the Gypsy Stage. There was a post where I needed to stand for this picture, so I got a bit farther back to show more of the  food court.
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